Layout a Day Blog Hop: Advice for Newbies

Are you ready for a scrappy month? I sure am! I'm Danielle and have been participating in Layout a Day since 2010! I think this will be my 13th LOAD. You'll find me on Flickr as EcoScrapbook. Since you'll be visiting several blogs today, I wanted to make this quick and simple for you, so if you're short on time, the important information is in bold text. See you in February!

Here are my Top 10 Tips for Layout a Day Newbies:

1. Stock up on adhesive. Glue runner. Glue Dots. Adhesive tabs. Washi tape. They all work and you're going to need plenty of them.

My Organized Adhesive Drawer

2. Let creativity be your guide. Although it's not required to follow every prompt, keep your mind open and allow for an idea to pop in your head and go for it.

3. Embrace imperfection. Blurry photos? No problem. Mix-matched letters? That's okay. Journaling or paint mistakes? Who cares? One of my favorite scrapbook layouts is perfectly imperfect:

"Playhouse" Scrapbook Layout: LOAD211 Day 10 

4. Try something new. Have you ever stitched on a layout? Distressed photos? Paint your own background cardstock? Whatever you've been wanting to try, don't be afraid of mistakes, just do it! Hey, I even cut a completed layout into four pieces for a pocket page:

"Unwanted Visitors" Scrapbook Layout: LOAD514 Day 16

5. Create a space for your layouts. Maybe it'll be a box or a temporary scrapbook, you'll be creating so many layouts, you won't have time to stay organized.

6. Organize your craft area. If you're a traditional scrapbooker, you WILL make a mess this month:

My dining room table on Day 13 during LOAD 10/10.
Start off the month right by organizing your crafty space. You'll know what you have or what you need to buy (see #1) and will scrapbook faster if you do. 

7. Establish a routine. Maybe you'll scrapbook before work or after the kids go to school. Carve out time in your busy schedule and try to stick with it. If you only have 30 minutes, you can still do it. If there are days when you have less than 15 minutes, download a photo app and create a quick digital page. Here's one I made using PicsArt:

"Retro 'Rents" Digital Scrapbook Layout: Day 25 LOAD515

8. Expect the unexpected. No matter how much you prepare, you will end up scrapbooking photos that you never planned on and journal about memories you had forgotten about. You will learn more about yourself and your scrapbooking style AND you will be inspired!

"Goodbye" Scrapbook Layout: LOAD212 Day 8

9. Don't forget why you scrapbook. You are your own storyteller. If you're participating in Layout A Day, then you know it's your responsibility to document your story for your family and future generations. We're making treasures to share and that's important. 

Finished Scrapbook Layouts from LOAD212

10. Support your fellow LOADsters. Leave positive comments in the gallery as much as you can. Join in discussions when you feel the need. Don't be shy. We're cool people. 

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