Scrapbooker Saturday: Natalie


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Scrapbooking Tip: "Since Danielle is kind enough to post about me on her blog, I'll share an eco-friendly tip!  Reuse your scrap paper! Any paper that's only printed on one side in my house doesn't go to the recycle bin - it goes back in the printer. I keep a stack and use it as scratch paper to sketch new designs, print draft headlines, so I can figure out what size I need and to print draft photos, so I can make design decisions before having photos printed. Have cardstock or paper in colors that you don't use anymore? I keep mine on hand to make template patterns for layouts!"

About: Hi there! My name is Natalie and I write about scrapbooking over at Almost Never Clever. You can follow me as I work on scrapbook layouts, craft projects and also get good tips and ideas. I’m not a “normal” scrapbooker (whatever that is!). I don’t use a 12x12 album and I rarely use patterned paper and embellishments. My layouts center around the pictures and tons of memorabilia that I save. Paper and adornments are more like window dressing to me. I like to think of this as a classic way of scrapbooking, kind of like what you would see if your grandmother had a scrapbook, but updated!

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