Words of Wisdom Wednesday: A soulful letter to my daughters

I'm trying something new...something that is making my heart pound and butterflies flutter in my belly. It's unedited and straight from my 750 Words journal. Below are 758 words written as a letter to my daughters which will eventually end up in the Smash Book I'm making for them. I can't believe I'm doing this, but here are this week's Words of Wisdom:

The letter to my daughters (ages 8 and 3)...

i love you the way you are....even when you drive me crazy. the only thing i would change about the two of you is that i wish you both could get along with each other all the time, well, most of the time anyway. you two are the only siblings you will have. you two are the only sisters you will have. there is no need to fight over little things, so let's move on.

i love the both of you so much and there are times when i just stop and stare at you in amazement knowing that i created you. you both grew in my belly for nine months, not a day sooner, not a day later. both of you stayed in my belly until your exact due dates. what an amazing thing to say, not many babies are born on their exact due dates. you both brought me pain, but in different ways and i would do it again to have the both of you. 

i nursed both of you for over 18 months each and made sure you had everything you needed. it was a rare time when i wanted to be away from you when you were babies. you both allowed your personalities to shine through right from the beginning and both so different. different children, different personalities, different struggles and different joys. but you were you and i love the both of you.

i love the girls you are growing up to be and i wish, everyday, that i could do more for you, but i have my own struggles, my own personality, that tends to get in the way too. we are who we are, but we are all on a constant roller coaster called life and our goals are to be happy, love, learn, grow and live passionately. if we do these things and be ourselves, life will treat us a kinder as we go with the flow. when we fight the flow, we become unhappy, unloved, not learning, not growing and not living with passion in our hearts. thus, we are not being ourselves.

it's not always easy to be yourself and you may want to act like someone you are not. try to avoid this. do what makes you happy. don't do things for others when it doesn't make you happy.

you may need to step back from time to time, daily is ideal, and evaluate your life, your behavior. take baby steps to get back on track if you veer off your life path. if you have many changes, don't make them all at once or you will may end up failing. i'm not saying that making big changes really fast will set you up for failure. it can be done, but i've found that making small changes, one at a time, is best for success.

as you make changes in your life, you grow your personality for the better when these changes are positive and done with love and passion. education is key, discipline is a must, goals are essential.

don't live a mundane life. don't go through the motions and become a drone, unoriginal, unmotivated, unbalanced. you are special. you are unique. you will make the world a better place to live in because you are already doing it right now. you both have touched lives positively and beautifully. you make people happy. keep doing that. keep your dreams alive.

whatever you want to do in your life, if it's from deep down inside that eternal flame of yours, then do it. live your passion. do whatever it takes to live a life full of passion. don't get stuck working a boring job. do what you love to do the most and everything will work out. fill people up with inspiration, happiness and love. share your passion with the world. be you. be yourself, always.

i will always love you, even when you drive me crazy. i will always try to make you happy. i will always educate you the best i can. i will always help you live and grow passionately. i will always try to inspire you to be creatively you. 

you rocked my world right from the start and i can only imagine the lives you will live as you grow older. you are beautiful and smart. don't ever believe anyone that says you are not. 

now, go on, walk through live with confidence, lead with passion, keep a smile on your face and show the world the fire inside your soul.