Don't delete your past, the future depends on it

The Big Family Van LOAD511 Day 21
"The Big Family Van" 12x12 Recycled Paper (DCWV) Scrapbook Layout
There's a new trend these days. Some people are erasing their past to make room for the present and the future. You know what I have to say about that? Screw 'em!

Yes, I have taken their point into consideration, but...

There are stories that need to be told and 
moments in time that just can't be tossed away.

This holds particularly true when it comes to documenting your heritage. For some, especially those who do not plan to have children, it may be hard to grasp the understanding of this and they, along with their story, will disappear over time.

As a mother and long-time scrapbooker, it's my job to document life. I will be remembered. My parents will be remembered. My heritage will be remembered.

I see the importance of documenting the present AND the past FOR the future...for my children, for my grandchildren, for future generations.

Who will tell my story when I'm gone? 
I will. I will now so the future will have it then.

Retro Family LOAD511 Day 20
"Retro Family" 12x12 FSC-Certified Paper (Cosmo Cricket) Scrapbook Layout
 Who will tell your story?

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We can change how we scrapbook (so we don't look like this in the future)