Digital Scrapbooking with Picasa

If you have ever been scared of digital scrapbooking, 
have no fear, Picasa is here! 

Picasa is Google's free photo-editing software and a useful tool for creating digital scrapbook pages (click here to download).

I've been using Picasa for over a year now and my photos have never been more organized. Slowly, I began experimenting with the collage option and realized that I was becoming a digital scrapbooker. 

Two years ago: Me + Digiscrap = Are you crazy? 

I love my scissors and paper, but finding time to scrapbook with a family isn't always easy, so digital scrapbooking is a must. Plus, I don't want to look like a crazy scrapbook hoarding lady in the future.

Here are a few digital scrapbooking collages I made using Picasa:

"This is the Highway to Hell" 8x8 Digital Scrapbook Page

"Marker Face" 8x10 Digital Scrapbook Page

"A Summer Drive Through Downtown Toledo During Sunset" 8x10 Digital Scrapbook Page

And that's just the basics. I haven't even tried using digital scrapbook paper yet.

If you're new to Picasa or looking for more information on how to scrapbook using the software, check out the following:

  • Persnickety Prints shares free Picasa-friendly paper here and video tutorials: "Creating a Digital Scrapbook Page with Google Picasa" Step 1 (installing and basic info), Step 2 (make a 12x12 collage) and Step 3 (adding background paper).

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