A Very Recycled Scrapbook Page

As I participated in Layout a Day last month and worked on my dog's tribute album, one of my favorite challenges was to use items not typically found in a scrapbook store. As the EcoScrapbooker, I definitely went overboard and turned trash to treasure!

Let's count the recycled items on this page...

1. Background Cardstock: It's made by Wausau and was purchased at an office supply store. The paper is recycled and FSC-certified.

2. Decorative Cardstock: BasicGrey is found in scrapbook stores, but it's one of my favorite companies to scrapbook with since their papers are FSC-certified and use soy based inks.

3. Journaling Bubble: This is the back of a Christmas gift tag and I added Pop Up Glue Dots to bring it up off the page a bit.

4. Page Title: A sweater I received for Christmas came with this "delicate and special" tag which I thought was perfect for a scrapbook page about bringing home a new baby and introducing her to the family dog.

5. Flower Petal: The white stamped flower petal was used during the baby shower for my daughter in 2002!

6. Earbuds: I've had a pair of broken earbuds and have been waiting to use them. I thought they'd work well with the serrated edges from a box of aluminum foil (close-up below).

7. "Love" Tag: This was a leftover tag from my birdseed ornaments. It's made from a toilet paper roll and paper scraps.

8. Aluminum Foil Cutter: Hmmm, what to do with the serrated edge of an aluminum foil box when it's time to recycle the box? You scrapbook with it! Be careful though and use Glue Dots Glue Lines to adhere it to the page.

9. Vintage Lace Ribbon: My husband's grandmother gave me a tin full of ribbon scraps, buttons and other do-dads. The vintage lace fit the theme of the page - "delicate and special."

10. Bread Clip: I started saving bread clips a while back and think they make interesting additions to scrapbook pages. Not convinced? Check out the colorful scrapbook layout I made for the ZISierra Blog.

11. Produce Mesh: A little knot around the bread clip added a pop of red to balance the red heart on the toilet paper roll tag.

12. Fabric Flower: My mother-in-law made custom curtains for our dining and living rooms and I kept the leftover fabric to make crafty things like this fabric flower topped with an old brown button. 

What's your favorite recycled item to scrapbook with? ~Danielle