Almost Never Clever's Cell Phone Photo Blog Hop

When was the last time you transferred photos from your cell phone to your computer or saved copies of them on some sort of photo sharing site (besides Instagram)?

Almost Never Clever's Cell Phone Blog Hop is here to remind you...It's time to organize your cell phone pics!

Here's the list of participating cell phone photo-takers:

Start Here--> Nat: Almost Never Clever
Mariah: Its Fun2Scrap
You're Here--> Danielle: EcoScrapbook
Next Stop--> Jen: Down Home South Jersey

You may remember photos from the last cell phone photo blog hop. Today, I'm celebrating photos from the 3rd quarter of the year, July through September. After deleting the bad photos, I ended up with 436 cell phone photos and this number doesn't include the ones I took for craft tutorials.

July (161 photos)

Smack dab in the middle of summer, I was juggling too many activities and events to count. The photos above were taken at a friend's wedding, the day my youngest daughter started her summer dance class, during a trip to the zoo, in Chicago when I took the Zutter Certification Course, at soccer camp with my oldest daughter and Mia Hamm...and I even had time to stop and smell photograph a mammoth sunflower in our backyard. Also see: July's Take Twelve.

August (173 photos)

By the time we got to the end of August, I couldn't believe how fast summer flew by. The girls, my mother-in-law and I traveled south to Cincinnati for a trip to Kings Island and the only camera I brought was my cell phone. I ended up printing the photos as collages (like this one on Instagram) and added them to my "Road Trip" scrapbook. Other fun stuff: a cutie-pie four-year-old, a 4th graders first day of school, filming for a Toledo Zoo commercial and raising ladybugs. Also see: August's Take Twelve.

September (102 photos)

September began the busy season, one busier than all the Septembers before since I started my new job, but we survived. Preschool started. Dance started (even though she doesn't seem happy about it). Soccer started. I put a fake mustache on my hubby around the same time his favorite fish died so we he had to buy more. We went to the zoo (again) and I snapped a close-up of an armadillo...and still managed to take in a sunset from my back window and admire a butterfly at a pumpkin farm. Also see: September's Take Twelve.

So that's a snippet of my life from July, August and September. Now it's time to see Jen's view of the world. Thanks for stopping by! ~Danielle