Getting ready for the Great Lakes Mini Meet on November 18

The Great Lakes Mini Meet is less than two weeks away and I haven't done much to prepare for the day-long event. Actually, it's a two-day mini-extravaganza, starting at 9 a.m. on November 18 and ending at 4:30 p.m. the next day. And the best part...it's taking place minutes from my home in Toledo, Ohio!

My mom and I only registered for the first day which includes shopping, a Jillibean Soup card class taught by Jill Yergerlehner and an evening crop that lasts until midnight!

That's right! I'll be scrapbooking with my mom! It's been way too long since we've been able to scrapbook together and it will be the very first time either one of us has attended a scrapbooking event this big...even though it's a mini-event. 

I'm looking forward to meeting Jill of Jillibean Soup, a company that EcoScrapbook supports, and making cards with my mom, a newbie when it comes to handmade cards.

Even though I'm not exactly sure what I'll be scrapbooking during the crop, I plan to bring an almost finished scrapbook that's been on the back-burner for about a year, along with some Cosmo Cricket and childhood photos to continue scrapbooking my early years.

A photo of my mom and I with Cosmo Cricket supplies.

Most of my preparations will take place during the week of the Mini Meet as I'll be getting ready for my daughter's 9th birthday party this week (and the hubby is celebrating his birthday too). One week at a time...one day at a time...that's how I've been getting things done lately!

Okay, so now you know that I'll be attending the Great Lakes Mini Meet. Are you going?

P.S. I'm in need of scrapbookers to feature for upcoming Scrapbooker Saturday posts. Click here for more information.