Scrapbooking multiple photos to save money and paper

Do you have tons of photos from a special occassion, but not enough time or space to complete pages and pages of scrapbook layouts? 

If you said yes, then I have four simple solutions to help you get those photos scrapped and save a little paper too.

1. Shrink your photos. 

Smaller photos can easily be achieved by printing them as photo collages. The 4x6 collages are usually the same price as 4x6 prints, but you get more photos printed for less. Add the collage to your scrapbook page or cut each photo out and arrange them as you wish. Take a look at a layout I completed with 28 photos:

"At the Toledo Zoo" Scrapbook layout with 28 photos.

Another great thing about creating photo collage prints is that your cell phone photos will have better quality at a smaller size. If I would have printed each photo from my BlackBerry at a 4x6 size, I couldn't have made my next layout and the photo quality would have been reduced significantly:

"My Little Girl" Scrapbook layout with 12 photos.

2. Punch them out. 

A square punch can be a scrapbooker's best friend and is useful when you have photos with dead space. When I attended a Miami Dolphins football game, I took dozens of photos, but couldn't zoom in for close-ups (I had a cheap 35mm back in 2005) and ended up with a lot of green space. I used a square punch to crop the good stuff, get rid of unwanted junk and created a layout with 30 photos:

"Miami Dolphins" Scrapbook layout with 30 photos.

3. Print a contact sheet. 

If you have a great printer, save money and print a full size contact sheet on recycled cardstock. This is probably the easiest and most time efficient way to add several photos to a scrapbook page. Check out the contact sheet with 30 photos on this scrapbook layout:

"October LOAD 2010" Scrapbook layout with 30 photos.

4. Film it. 

Remember those old rolls of film? Let them inspire you and crop photos to make a film strip. Make your own strip with paper and punches or if you're digitally inclined, create one with graphics software. I had this one in my stash:

"Gotcha" Scrapbook layout with 7 photos.

Scrapbooking multiple photographs onto one scrapbook page can be tricky business, but it's easy to do when you follow the tips above.

How do you scrapbook with multiple photos? Share your tips below!

This is an edited version of my guest post for Having Fun Saving on January 21, 2011.

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