Attention: Scrapbooking Manufacturers! Tell me you're green!

As a MemoryWorks Consultant and Media Team Member, it's my responsibility to promote top scrapbooking companies, but the majority of them are not making eco-friendly products. I've been struggling to justify my green scrapbooker goals with being a consultant and even considered quitting MemoryWorks altogether.

Then I did my research.

And then I researched a little more.

And then I researched even more as I wrote this post (and wondered why I have to dig for this information.)

MemoryWorks offers scrapbooking products by several eco-friendly companies, but there is no place on their website which adds that little piece of information.

Actually, if you browse most online scrapbook stores, it's not likely you will find any information that a scrapbooking manufacturer is using vegetable-based inks or FSC-Certified paper unless the store has a section dedicated to recycled paper or eco-friendly supplies.

Who are the earth-loving companies found in the MemoryWorks catalog and website?

Soy-based inks; two trees are planted 
for every tree cut down for paper-making

FSC certified paper, soy-based inks

FSC certified paper, soy-based inks

FSC certified paper, soy-based inks, 
100% recycled stock kraft paper, recycled packaging

Color Me Crazy flowers are 100% recycled cotton

Soy-based inks

Recycled packaging manufactured with wind power

Did I miss any?

Note: I didn't include K&Company on this list since MemoryWorks only offers the Smash products. K&Company does have products that are green, like Remake and their reusable packaging.

Do I feel better about being a MemoryWorks Consultant and a wanna-be green scrapbooker? Sure do! But there is still plenty of work that needs to be done.

(UPDATE: Winner announced here.) To help spread the word about ecoscrapbooking (my term for eco-friendly scrapbooking), I'm FINALLY able to do a giveaway thanks to the 25 people who liked EcoScrapbook on Facebook!

So what am I giving away?

Who likes Cosmo Cricket? 

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