ScrapTiffany Recycled Blog Hop: How many things can I recycle on a scrapbook page?

This post is part of the ScrapTiffany Recycled Blog Hop. If you are just joining in the fun, the hop starts and ends at ScrapTiffany, with plenty of eco-friendly craftiness and prizes along the way.

Think Big. That's the title of my recycled scrapbook layout. My goal: to see how many items I can recycle onto one scrapbook page without it looking like a piece of trash.

I was thinking big as I created the layout, but the message I want to convey is that we all need to think bigger. We are more than our bodies and the small confines of everyday life.

We are the past, present and future.

The title of this post is the past. This sentence is the present. And you clicking to another web page is the future.

If I could go back to the past and speak to that 14-year-old girl in the photos (with the pegged jeans that were popular in the early 90s) I would tell her to think bigger. Think about the future. Think about spirit.

Judith Jamison said it beautifully and I quoted her on the layout: 

Dancing is bigger than the physical body. Think bigger than that. When you extend your arm, it doesn't stop at the end of your fingers, because your're dancing bigger than that. 
You're dancing spirit.

Life is spirit. We are all here to learn and dance upon the earth...and to love it.

Now, let's go back and take a look at the layout again and count all the things I recycled:

1. Recycled paper (DCWV, Cosmo Cricket)
2. Toilet paper (I checked the pH; it was all good...and I should point out the no one used the TP beforehand)
3. Button (from an old shirt, probably circa early 90s)
4. Jewelry (my mom's old earring)
5. Leather straps (from a bra before children)
6. Fabric sample
7. CD (Yes, you can see my reflection. It will also show the viewer's reflection to remind him/her to "think big.")
8. Reusable packaging (K&Company)
9. Artificial leaves
10. Cardboard (behind the top photo and journaling block)

Ten! I recycled 10 items onto one scrapbook page.  

What did you recycle today? How are you loving the earth and thinking big? Tell the world. Comment below. Tweet it. Share your response on Facebook. Let people know.

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We can change how we scrapbook (so we don't look like this in the future)