The Start of My 365 Grateful Project

A new year. A new project. It seemed right to start my 365 Grateful project after the loss of my German Shepherd on New Year's Day, so I shared my first tweet of the year:

I am grateful for spending over 12 years with our lovable Tabby girl. 
She will be deeply missed. #365grateful

This project will get me back into the habit of daily tweeting and to cherish life's moments, both big and small.

My 365 Grateful mini scrapbook cover is ready to go, along with the first page of assorted stickers. I'm keeping a calendar handy to write down my tweets and photos I take for the project.

Not every day will have a photo or will be shared to Facebook, but each grateful moment will be shared on Twitter. You can follow along on my personal Twitter account, @OhioDanielle, and look for updates here throughout the year. ~Danielle