How Did I Scrapbook 23 Years Ago?

During the last visit to my parent's house, I pulled down three big bins of 90s memorabilia from an attic crawl space, most of which was my cheerleading things and old scrapbooks.

I photographed much of that memorabilia, including several pages of my scrapbooks. Today, I'm sharing one of my oldest scrapbooks dating back to 1990. 

This is how I scrapbooked 23 years ago...

Back then, there were no page protectors.

Embellishments were magazine cut-outs and computer clip-art...


marker doodles and writing...


and my own artwork.

I used construction paper, paste and tape.

 And there were plenty of pop-up pages to show off my creativity.

That's how I scrapbooked over two decades ago. After all these years, I still love scrapbooking and incredibly lucky the bins of memorabilia survived our house fire in 1996. I have my memories and happy to share them with you.

And there's more where that came from! Stay tuned for my 1993-94 scrapbook. ~Danielle


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