Tutorial: Eco-friendly business card bookmarks

Business card bookmarks made with recycled scrapbook paper

If you're like me and own a small business with a limited budget, this project is for you. 

In the past, I've ordered business cards from Vistaprint with great results, but had to wait a few weeks to receive them since I chose the the slowest, yet cheapest shipping option available. Due to an upcoming craft show, I needed something fast and wanted more design options so I opted to make my own business cards, but with a unique twist.

Since I'm a scrapbooker and try to be environmentally conscious as much as possible, I decided to create business card bookmarks and print them on recycled scrapbook paper

By doing this, I saved money, virgin paper and didn't have to worry about the environmental impacts of shipping the business cards.

Do you want to know how I made my business cards? Follow the simple instructions below and you can make your own business card bookmarks too.

  • DCWV recycled paper, trimmed to 8.5x11
  • Fiskars paper trimmer
  • Fiskars rectangle hand punch
  • 4" strips of ribbon
  • computer
  • printer

1. Create a new label template in a word processing application. Input the label width (4") and height (1.5") to be able to print 14 business card bookmarks per sheet of paper.

2. Type up your business information to fit into the label. Copy and paste the information until all 14 labels are complete. Save and print.

3. Use a paper trimmer to cut each business card bookmark.

4. Punch a hole in the center of one end of the business card bookmark. Repeat.

5. Fold your pre-cut ribbon in half and insert into the punched hole.

6. Take the two end pieces through the loop and gently pull until you have a knot at the end of the business card bookmark.

7. Clean up the ribbon edges with scissors if necessary. Repeat until all the business card bookmarks are complete.

And there you have it! A simple, crafty and inexpensive way to promote your small business: