Simple ways to be an eco-conscious scrapbooker

How can scrapbookers be eco-friendly and consume massive amounts of paper? 

The arts and crafts industry has begun to take steps toward greener scrapbooking options by offering supplies using recycled and sustainable resources. 

Scrapbookers now have choices to be more eco-friendly. 

And being the creative individuals that we are, it shouldn't be a problem coming up with innovative ideas and solutions. Below are eleven simple ways to get you well on your way to becoming an eco-conscious scrapbooker:

1. Save paper scraps.

My (unorganized) storage container for paper scraps.

2. Decorate pages with gift wrap and greeting cards.

3. Cut up old clothes for fabric remnants.

Fabric flower made from leftover fabric and Cosmo Cricket's Glubers.

4. Dig into the recycling bin.

My scrapbook layout all about recycling.

5. Purchase supplies from green craft companies.

6. Stock up on recycled paper.

7. Add reusable packaging to scrapbooks.

Paper flower made from K&Company's recycled and reusable packaging. (Also found in my Etsy shop.)

8. Stick things together with eco-friendly glue.

Coccoina glue is non-toxic, acid-free and smells like almonds.

9. Use non-traditional scrapbook albums.

10. Create a recycled craft space.

Cat litter container turned into scrapbook supply storage.

11. Become a digital scrapbooker.

How are you changing the way YOU scrapbook?