Scrapbooker Gone Wild: The extremely green experiment

"Stop and Smell The Flowers" Recycled Scrapbook Layout

This may not be the best looking scrapbook layout in the world, but it's green to the extreme if you're talking about paper scrapbooking.

The supplies came from the recycling bin (besides the photo). We have a piece of cardboard, squares punched from greeting card envelopes, words from magazines, a flower embellishment from a seed packet and scrap paper. 

I did this little experiment to see if I can create a completely recycled scrapbook layout, without any traditional scrapbook paper or embellishments. Another layout done and an experiment successful.

See how I made this layout over at Hacer Scrapbooks. The post is in Spanish, but can be easily translated into English. Say hello to Zaira and tell her I sent you.

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