Christmas Cards: Peace on Earth(Day)

After missing the last round of Jingle Belles, I decided to create three cards that upcycle "or in some way 'rescues' a bit of...well, SOMETHING" according to the most recent Jingle Belles Challenge: Peace on Earth(Day)

I rescued several vintage holiday cards during a recent trip to an antique mall for 50 cents each and three of them were recycled into the cards you see above. 

For each card, I continued using the pack of blank white cards of purchased last year, added a few paper scraps, ribbon on two cards and stamped on one. 

This is my favorite Christmas card:

I just love the color combo on that one.

My least favorite card is...

I feel it's too plain and I could have added a bit more color, but I still enjoy the "Yoo Hoo!" lady. And I most certainly got a chuckle out of the original sender's name...

Go ahead, take a moment to shorten the name (as I giggle like a little school girl). I kept the inside of the card the same and attached it the the inside of my card using a couple Glue Dots Glue Lines. I'll eventually cover our harry friend's name. Until then, this is what it looks like:

My final card doesn't seem too Christmas-like:

until you read the inside:

I still have a couple more vintage Christmas cards to play with, so you'll be seeing those ones within the coming months. You can see more recycled holiday cards over at Jingle Belles! ~Danielle